Post to Defying Shadows

So I have written a post about 46reasonswhynot that will hopefully run on the launch date of the new site on DefyingShadows.  I explained the “13 Reasons Why” controversy and said that I wanted to provide a positive alternative to the show instead of just condemning it.  We will see what she does with it.

The local paper says they will get to me next week which is when I’ll be at residency.  Hopefully they will email me and get something out before launch.  That would be wonderful to see.

Working on Bob’s laundry and doing pretty well with it.   Washed Rachel’s yesterday along with all the sheets and things   I’m on track with where I want to be in preparing for my trip so I am happy.

We’re going out to eat for lunch to celebrate the first day of summer vacation for Rachel.  I think we’ll enjoy ourselves.  Bob’s going to join us so that will be fun.

Just kind of in a holding pattern until I leave tomorrow.  I so hope this goes well.  We will see.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the  week.




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