GOing to pack in just a minute and leave for residency right after I eat lunch.  I already got gas and have my CD’s of Harry Connick Jr. ready to play on the trip.  I have a bunch more bags than last time because I’m having to bring my own bedding and what not. But I bought Dr. Pepper and Pop Tarts for the mornings so I can jut sit and blog and write before we start our classes.

I feel really good about this trip.  I’m not anxious at all as of yet.  I will miss Bob and the girls–‘I’ve never been away from home this long all by myself so it will be quite a different feeling.   But I’m excited for the chance to learn more about what I’m doing and about where I am as a writer.

I feel like I’m in such a  good place to be doing this. My little manic spell is over and I feel so centered and calm.  I have prayed for all of this to go well and hope that it will.  I hope I didn’t forget anything packing.  I guess I will wind this up and post tomorrow about how everything is going.  Hope every one has a good rest of the week and a great Memorial Day weekend.


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