Second Day

So today is the second full day of residency.  Yesterday was mighty busy, and it’s only going to get busier here on out.   I’ll try to sum it all up but may leave something out.

Started off with a little surprise–I got followed on twitter yesterday by a literary agent!  He’s with Dana Newman Literary Agency out of Los Angeles.  So that was exciting that someone with some clout in the industry might be reading my work.

So I spent the morning writing and went to workshop at 10.  Our workshop leader doesn’t believe in the author reading their own work, so that was odd.  I read a bit a girl had written about being a Korean pop star.  Interesting. We also read a bit about a misbehaving preacher and his wife and another bit that was just too strange to categorize.   My bit about “the year I went crazy” is up to be read today, so that will be good to hear about and find ways to improve.

Then we broke for lunch and had that , then we had a classroom discussion about diversity, appropriation, and writing.  That discussion ranged far afield about inclusion in the writing world, about using voices other than your own, etc.  Then we had a break for a while in that Tammie was doing her thesis defense and we weren’t needed. So I came back, talked to Bob checked all my stuff online, and practiced my reading on Janie, who timed me at a little over 8 minutes.  Then we went out to Thai by Thai and ate and I had REAL Pad Thai as opposed to how I fix it with the mix at home.  Very good.

Then it was the reading., All very heady to be at the center of attention for my writing.   I told them who I was and where I was from and whatnot, then talked about the story, that it had been published and where and then I went into it.  I think I really shocked everybody because there was a long silence before anyone asked me questions.  Then Tammie read, then Dunkelberg read a bunch of poetry.  Came back and went to bed after talking to Bob.



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