Another Day

I have done a whole lot of nothing as of yet today.  The laundry is caught up and the house is more manageable. So I am resting today to get ready for the trip tomorrow to Chattanooga. We’re taking two weekend vacations instead of one long one so we can have some time for the girls in case they need Bob to take off work since we are shipping them around like we are.

My oldest called last night and talked about what she was doing–she had to cook filets on a flatiron grill –20 at a time–and was too short height and arm-wise to reach all of them.  She said she warned them when they put her on it, then they laughed at her trying for a bit before they took her off and put her doing something else.  But she said she enjoyed herself the entire time. So I suppose that was a plus.

My mood is still a little down, and it’s manifesting itself in me not wanting to write my papers to cap off my class I went to.  I copied all my blog posts from the residency into a document to try to jumpstart it, but it didn’t help very much.  I may put it off until we get back from the trip.   Maybe that going well will cheer me back up.

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