Sick Adult

My middle one is sick as a dog.   She dialed us up on the phone when we didn’t hear her call out last night and it was deep  into the conversation that I realized it wasn’t my oldest calling from VA; it was the middle one calling from the other side of the house on her cell phone.  I gave her Zofran and it didn’t last long enough to give her another dose this morning when she woke up. So we are trying to wait it out and see how she does today. Hopefully she will get better soon.  I have her on watered-down Gatorade, a sip every fifteen minutes because she was dry heaving.

I have another essay due for my class and then I am done for the summer.  I will work more on my mss about the nine months between Katrina and Louisiana the rest of the summer and see what I can do with it.  Summer certainly is flying by and I feel like it just started.  But I will get my work done and be free for the rest of the time  until August something or other.

I am holding up pretty well no more sleep than I got.  But I really do feel like I could use a nap.  But I can’t so I can look out for both the kids if they need something.  It feels like it’s going to be a long day.



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