Grass Cutting

We’re finally getting our grass cut after three weeks of it growing. This company is the third landscaping company we have tried–our grass isn’t nice polite sod grass that grows to a uniform height.  We have clover, dandelions, weeds, crabgrass, and all kinds of mess in our yard because not that long ago, we used to be a cow pasture.   If it’s not cut, it looks like we never take care of it.

So we need cutting every two weeks, especially if it rains.  ANd we have had a lot of rain. We need someone who will come on a reliable basis.  Hopefully this guy will–he is a family friend who is just starting his own company, so maybe he’ll be hungry for business.

My middle one got sick again last night–she  ate a regular meal and pushed her stomach too far.  So she is out of commission again.  I am going to try to accomplish more today than yesterday–I need to run errands and whatnot.  ANd I need to do Bob’s laundry. So I hope I can be busy today.

But I’m also tired and sleepy from being up with my daughter. I need some worthwhile rest at some point.   I just don’t know when I will get it.


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