Good Night’s Sleep

I got such a good night’s sleep last night.  I needed it. We took my middle one ot the doctor yesterday, and he said she may have developed gastritis from being too quick to eat something solid once she got to feeling better.  (The choice of chicken parmesan was probably not too healthy.) So she is on medication and a bland diet for the next little while.

I am so very frustrated with myself.  I am trying to remember more about my time when I was so psychotic but no one actually realized it in the nine months before I was diagnosed.  I’ve read up on my art journal and looked at what all I was writing newspaper-wise back then but can’t come up with much more than I already know.  I didn’t keep a journal then so I am really lost as to some of the things I do remember– when they happened in the timeline, etc.  It’s just not as impirinted in my mind as other times are.  That may be a mercy from GOd that I don’t remember it, but it’s not helping my writing any.

Anyway.  I’m going out to lunch today with a friend that I knew in high school who just discovered I was in Brandon who lives in Richland right now.  SO we at meeting up in Brandon at a BBQ place we both like.  We will see how it goes.



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