Dental Visit

My girls went to the dentist today and got good reports.  I go Thursday and I will need to have a tooth worked on I think–it hurts when I floss and is bad to get stuff caught in it and sometimes just aches for no reason.  I don’t know if it’s already crowned or not (fairly certain that it is) so I may wind up with another root canal.  Fun.  But we will see,

I feel decent today considering everything.  I’m sleepy but that’s nothing new.  I’m working my way through my art journals from when I was breaking down but not yet diagnosed.  I’m just not coming up with as much detail as I would like for this section.  I’m ten and a half pages in and just about to my first hospitalization, which I will copy into this section.  I just can’t remember as much about this time period as I do about Louisiana. at least I’m not triggering anything reading over it all again.

Speaking of triggers, a mini hurricane is headed for Louisiana with landfall in the next few days.  Everyone is already making Katrina references and scaring me. But they say this one is just going to dump a ton of rain and that’s about it.  SO we will see how things go.

I keep thinking there’s a real journal somewhere that I kept during that time but I can’t find it.  Oh well.


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