Tooth Troubles

So my tooth turned out to be one of the few that wasn’t already crowned, so they drilled out the filling and the cavity that had developed around it and put a crown on it.  I have to go back in two weeks and get the permanent one put on.  $800 for my portion after insurance.  Bleah.  And then it ached last night.  I took a hopped-up ibuprofen for it and slept really soundly.  SO that helped.  Now I’m looking at laundry and all such as that today.

My middle one is having friends over for a final get-together before they scatter for college.  Of course its here as all of their parties have been ever since they started playing D&D. They’re going to play around a bit today and spend the night here, then go to ComicCon tomorrow.  Bob and I are going to pop in to ComicCon and see what it is like.  We’ve never been to one.  SO we will see.

I really want to go back to bed.  I am sleepy.  But there’s too much to do, so we will see how much of it gets one once I get moving.  Hopefully all of it.  We will see.  My mood seems to be pretty good; it’s just my motivation needs some kickstart.


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