Packing II

SO we are in day 2 of packing and the middle one is still managing very capably. She is working out what clothes to pack so that is going to be interesting.  She has everything in  her closet organized to within an inch of its life, so it won’t be hard to work out.

We’ve started the youngest one on a new book series called Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy–classic scifi.  She’s got it because she was complaining she needed a new music player and I told her she could earn one by reading more books.  She likes Doctor Who, so I thought she would enjoy the comedy of Hitchhiker’s Guide.  SO far she has not fussed about not liking it, so I hope she is finding it interesting.

I’m still holding up well so I am glad of that.  It helps that we’ve done this before and that she is taking most of the responsibility of doing this.  Keeps me out of it and where I can concentrate on doing what can I do.

Time to go over to the other blog and post there.  Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July weekend!




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