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Writing My Thesis

Yesterday I took what I have written so far that has been through workshop, read by my professor and commented on, etc. I came up with a little over 100 pages when it needs to be closer to 280.  The good thing is I have 100 pages on the meat of the story, starting when I first became really symptomatic through when I ran away to Louisiana.

So I need about 80 pages on my life  before hand and 100 on my life afterwards.  WIth varying degrees of episodes to talk about, I think I should get to the page count before the thesis year, which I hope to spend refining it.

So we will see.  It will be a long process, but I think it will go well.  The hope is to have a salable book out of it by the time I finish.  I may have a novel as well taking two years of fiction workshop and forms. All I know is that it seems a long time away right now. I’m not quite halfway through the program.

We’re waiting on my mom and dad to pick up the youngest one and spend the better part of a week with them.  They’ll come back Sunday.  I think it’s going to rain the whole time, but maybe not,  Maybe the tropical depression will spin out soon.


Dental Visit

My girls went to the dentist today and got good reports.  I go Thursday and I will need to have a tooth worked on I think–it hurts when I floss and is bad to get stuff caught in it and sometimes just aches for no reason.  I don’t know if it’s already crowned or not (fairly certain that it is) so I may wind up with another root canal.  Fun.  But we will see,

I feel decent today considering everything.  I’m sleepy but that’s nothing new.  I’m working my way through my art journals from when I was breaking down but not yet diagnosed.  I’m just not coming up with as much detail as I would like for this section.  I’m ten and a half pages in and just about to my first hospitalization, which I will copy into this section.  I just can’t remember as much about this time period as I do about Louisiana. at least I’m not triggering anything reading over it all again.

Speaking of triggers, a mini hurricane is headed for Louisiana with landfall in the next few days.  Everyone is already making Katrina references and scaring me. But they say this one is just going to dump a ton of rain and that’s about it.  SO we will see how things go.

I keep thinking there’s a real journal somewhere that I kept during that time but I can’t find it.  Oh well.


Father’s Day

So we went to see my dad on Saturday and Robert on Sunday.  It all went fairly well.  Bob stayed home with my middle one since she was still on a bland diet.  So just me and the youngest one went to my parents’ house.  We had a good trip in that we talked some and listened to some good music.  I need to get used to her being the only child at home; that’s going to be a big switch in a couple of weeks.

I’ve been dragging this morning.  Not sure why.  I need to go to the grocery store for supper tonight and see what I can come up with.  But I am very tired and not quite sure why.

I’m doing better on my mss than I thought I might.  I am remembering more and doing a good job of jogging my memory. I’m only about two months into the nine-month period I haven’t written about before and I need to figure out how to prompt my memory for the rest of it.

I am trying an experiment.  I am waiting to eat until I am actually hungry.  That means I plan to eat around lunchtime my first meal today because I’m really not hungry this morning.  Maybe if I quit shoving food down when it’s “mealtime” I can get a handle on my weight.  WE will see.

Hope everyone has a good start to their week.

Good Night’s Sleep

I got such a good night’s sleep last night.  I needed it. We took my middle one ot the doctor yesterday, and he said she may have developed gastritis from being too quick to eat something solid once she got to feeling better.  (The choice of chicken parmesan was probably not too healthy.) So she is on medication and a bland diet for the next little while.

I am so very frustrated with myself.  I am trying to remember more about my time when I was so psychotic but no one actually realized it in the nine months before I was diagnosed.  I’ve read up on my art journal and looked at what all I was writing newspaper-wise back then but can’t come up with much more than I already know.  I didn’t keep a journal then so I am really lost as to some of the things I do remember– when they happened in the timeline, etc.  It’s just not as impirinted in my mind as other times are.  That may be a mercy from GOd that I don’t remember it, but it’s not helping my writing any.

Anyway.  I’m going out to lunch today with a friend that I knew in high school who just discovered I was in Brandon who lives in Richland right now.  SO we at meeting up in Brandon at a BBQ place we both like.  We will see how it goes.



Grass Cutting

We’re finally getting our grass cut after three weeks of it growing. This company is the third landscaping company we have tried–our grass isn’t nice polite sod grass that grows to a uniform height.  We have clover, dandelions, weeds, crabgrass, and all kinds of mess in our yard because not that long ago, we used to be a cow pasture.   If it’s not cut, it looks like we never take care of it.

So we need cutting every two weeks, especially if it rains.  ANd we have had a lot of rain. We need someone who will come on a reliable basis.  Hopefully this guy will–he is a family friend who is just starting his own company, so maybe he’ll be hungry for business.

My middle one got sick again last night–she  ate a regular meal and pushed her stomach too far.  So she is out of commission again.  I am going to try to accomplish more today than yesterday–I need to run errands and whatnot.  ANd I need to do Bob’s laundry. So I hope I can be busy today.

But I’m also tired and sleepy from being up with my daughter. I need some worthwhile rest at some point.   I just don’t know when I will get it.


On The Mend

My middle one is still in the bed but claims she doesn’t feel so bad this morning.  So we will see how she does.  I am trying to think of what to do with my little one today since we were basically housebound yesterday.  I think we will go shopping for Father’s Day presents. Go to Barnes and Noble and see what we can find for everyone.

I seem to be doing fine considering.  No one else has gotten  sick so that is a plus.  I am tired from not sleeping well.  I had weird dreams.  One was about class–that I didn’t get everything turned in and failed it.  Another was about working at my old office with disability.  I have no idea why I still have so many nightmares about that place.

I think we are going to go ahead and leave and beat the rush to the bookstore.  Hope everyone has a good day and a good rest of the week.




Sick Adult

My middle one is sick as a dog.   She dialed us up on the phone when we didn’t hear her call out last night and it was deep  into the conversation that I realized it wasn’t my oldest calling from VA; it was the middle one calling from the other side of the house on her cell phone.  I gave her Zofran and it didn’t last long enough to give her another dose this morning when she woke up. So we are trying to wait it out and see how she does today. Hopefully she will get better soon.  I have her on watered-down Gatorade, a sip every fifteen minutes because she was dry heaving.

I have another essay due for my class and then I am done for the summer.  I will work more on my mss about the nine months between Katrina and Louisiana the rest of the summer and see what I can do with it.  Summer certainly is flying by and I feel like it just started.  But I will get my work done and be free for the rest of the time  until August something or other.

I am holding up pretty well no more sleep than I got.  But I really do feel like I could use a nap.  But I can’t so I can look out for both the kids if they need something.  It feels like it’s going to be a long day.