Winding up the Summer

My oldest is coming home this week from her internship–she’ll be home until the 19th when she moves in to her dorm at the W.  We’re going to New Orleans for a short trip to see the Bible Museum at the Baptist Theological Seminary and to eat some good food.

The little one  Is still having some itching in her ear but the doctor said to wait until she was completely done with her anti biotic before worrying about that.  So we will see how that works out.’

I sent out a bunch of stuff this weekend and am  hopeful for the future that someone will pick something up.  We will see.  Everyone wants micro-this and flash-that, so I am sending out shorter pieces. I just hope I just get more responses now that July is over and more people  will start reading again  now that the summer is almost over. We’ll find out.

Still waiting  on the school to let me know if I will teach.  We will see what happens with that.  I am easy about it knowing it’s in God’s hands now

Hope everyone has a good beginning of the week and a  good end to their summer.




So Social Security says I can only get a year’s worth of back payments for the two younger ones and nothing for my oldest because I didn’t file at the right time.  But my youngest will continue to get benefits until she graduates high school as I understand it.  I kind of want to kick up a fuss about it, take them to court, but the attorney fees would take up so much of their back benefit that it wouldn’t be worth it.   I’m just so mad that I didn’t do this for my kids and let them get their benefits.

Anyway. My oldest one comes home from her internship next week.  She has so incredibly enjoyed it and has learned so much and done so much.  We couldn’t have asked for Colonial WIlliamsburg to have been any better to her. My middle one has to come home sometime soon to pick up her credit card so maybe I will set eyes on her this month after all.  We got to New Orleans next weekend and need to be getting ready for that.   We will see how that goes.

On the bright side, I heard from my department head–he is waiting for registration of freshmen to close then he will know better if he can offer me a class.  SO I am looking forward to hearing from him. ‘




So later today I talk to SOcial Security about getting my children’s benefits from my account.  Pray that it will go well and I can get them all the required documentation they need and it will go through quickly.

I also go to the school today to pick up my youngest one’s schedule and computer to use for class. The textbooks and all are supposed to be on it, etc.  I still think it’s a dumb idea to hand out practically free computers, but  that is the way of the world now. I go do that at 3 p.m.

Talked to the people at the college I want to work for in the HR end and they have all my transcripts and she said she would send it all over to the English department for them to act on,  I really hope this comes through for fall.

So now I’m just pretty much waiting on God to put his hand on all this and work it to what he wants it to be,  I know what  I want, but I know I have to submit to what  he wants first.




Out of Sorts

So the little one turns out to have an ear infection probably from getting water in her ears all from last week at camp.  So she is home and resting and we are trying to keep her ear comfortable.   She’s going to have a good week regardless of plans getting messed up.

I had those weird dreams of displacement again this morning.  I seemed to be in places that I did not recognize and not feeling like I was asleep, more like I was awake.  But I finally woke up and snapped out of it.  I hate those dreams because they always feel so real.

And my reflux acted up again last night.  Probably because we ate Sonic chicken last night  I took another dose of medicine and ate some leftover ice cream to take the acid out.  It worked but took forever for me to go to sleep.

So I just generally don’t feel well this morning.  I’m going ot take the little one out for lunch but not sure where yet.  Bob has his rush time at the office today so may not even be home for lunch  We will figure something out and then we will go to the grocery store to get some lunch stuff.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  We will try to here as well.


Early Day

My little one called last night saying she had a bad earache; my parents gave her Tylenol to dull it so she could go to sleep. So I went and got her this morning–met my daddy halfway and got her home.  SO now we have an appointment for 10:30 a. m. and  will see what is wrong.  SO that made for a stressful night and morning.  But she is home now and we will get things taken care of.

I am so sleepy.  I got up with Bob and I haven’t; really done that in a long time–even during the school year I’m usually not up when he is.  But I staggered through and am pretty awake this morning.  Not that much is happening to keep my busy.  ALl I have to do today housewise is laundry.  So we will see how that goes.

My oldest has one full week left on her internship then she will be home until it’s time to move back to school.  THe middle one have something going the time between summer and fall classes so no telling when she will be home next.   But we will go to New Orleans not this weekend but next for our last trip of the summer.

Hopefully I will hear back soon from the college and get that going.  It’s been ten days since I got the receipt that my transcripts were being sent so I hope to hear something soon.  CLasses don’t start until the 24th so I think there is plenty of time for me to get scheduled.

We will see. Hope everyone is having a good week.


Missing You

Bob finally nailed me down on why I was so down all the time.  I told him it was because I was missing  my middle one an awful lot more than I should have been.  He seemed to accept that, offering to take me up to State to see her one weekend.  But of course he started it off on the wrong foot, saying I had seemed ot do better while my youngest one was gone to camp and was I upset she was back home.  I said no and got really angry with him for even suggesting that.

Anyway, my youngest will be gone again this week going to my parents until Thursday.  That’s the day I have the SOcial Security interview and I go pick up her schedule and school-issued computer so I hope she gets back on time for us to go get that as early as possible.

I have no idea what I’m going to do today.  I can’t seem to settle down to write anything and I don’t want to do house stuff.  I just don’t know.


Camp Over

I pick up my youngest one in a little while and get to hear about all she did at camp.  But I plan to spend some more time socializing before I pick her up so I’m having coffee with Jo this morning.  I think we’ll have a good time.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do the rest of the day–I imagine she’ll be tired and want to rest but I know she’ll be hungry so I may take her to get Mexican.  I haven’t decided yet.  But I’m looking forward to having her home.

Kind of been a long week and I haven’t really done much to show for it.  I feel like I’m in a holding pattern waiting for all the paperwork to be processed for what all I have going on .  I’ve been doing my part putting myself out there for the universe so now I feel like it’s time for God to move.  But we will see.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.




Senator’s Office

So I did call my senator’s local office yesterday and got my request in with them that they do what they can to expedite my claim for my kids’ benefits.  I had to fill out a release form giving them permission to get information about my case, so that was fun.  I got the release, filled it out, and had Bob fax it back, then they couldn’t read all of my writing.  So they called me to check on all the numbers.  So we got that straightened out.  Hopefully they will be able to move this along a little faster than it would have taken otherwise.

The  reason I’m so committed to this  process is that God can take this situation and use it to bless the older two financially at a critical time in their lives–when they’re just starting out.  Having it through all the years would have let us save it up at interest but this will be better than nothing.

I ate with my friend KT yesterday at a really good Chinese place.  SHe and I were both wearing yellow so that was funny.  Things are going well for her–her daughter has an internship with UMC coming up and will be at home then going off to graduate school somewhere (she hasn’t decided).  But we had a good visit during her lunch hour.

I was talking to my buddy Mike in Wisconsin and sent him my poem I wrote about the ballplayer traded for catfish, and he told me that ever since I had shown him a poem I had done for class back when we were both at State twenty years ago, he had thought I was a great poet first and then a very good everything-else.  He said he loved all my writing, but that my poetry was especially good.  I’ve never thought that way.  Maybe I should take poetry again and see how I do.  I’ll have to think about that.


Now I’m Really Mad

at Social Security.  I found my original application and saw where they took down the names of my kids.  The guy I called Monday tried to tell me that I never told them I had children.  I’m going to get my senator’s office involved to see if we can expedite this a little bit.  I want it taken care of as soon as possible.

Not much else going on around here.  I’m just trying to stay busy and not worry about my writing right now.  I’m not sure what’s wrong but I’m not interested in trying to work on my thesis or on anything to get ready for my fiction class.  I wrote one small bit for  a  contest and I like it.  But I’m worried that all I can do are small bits.  I don’t know what the problem is.

But I am staying with the blogging so that will be good.  What I’m really struggling with is the scope of my thesis. Do I want to confine it to just before I was diagnosed to present?  Or do I want to include the episodes in my early life as well?  I feel like they are important but don’t know how to cover it in depth.  But I have time to figure it out.



So we shipped the youngest one off to church camp yesterday for the week.  We’re kind of lonesome around here this morning without her.  But she will be having fun and learning so I don’t feel too bad with her being gone.   ‘

Listening to the Hamilton soundtrack today to try and finish it for once. I‘ve listened to the first disc several times but have never finished the second  because I’ve had to turn it off for various reasons before I get done.

I got up with Bob this morning, trying to get in the habit in case I do get the job at 8 am.  I’ll get up early for money 🙂

Very sad thing yesterday–one of the senior baseball players at my kids’ high school killed himself yesterday morning.  It’s really upsetting to people because they say he was a really nice happy-go-lucky kid.  I don’t know him but I feel for his family.