4th of July

So we have kept busy today,  WE went shopping  for books with coupons and got a lot of good reading material for the month.  WE stopped and got ice cream and heard from our oldest–she’s on the breakfast shift all this week and she is doing really well with it, getting up early and all.  I am proud of her.

The middle one we have not hear from yet–she was supposed to visit her grandparents today and see my cousins and all for lunch then go back to campus and do some activities with her group.  SO we will see what we hear from her later on.

I got my grades from my residency and got an A. The only tick on my grade was that one of my reflective papers was too short by about half a page.  But it didn’t lower my grade that much so I still did well.

I feel like I need a nap,  I just hope I can slow down some and rest up until the next dance competition next weekend.  We will see.

HOpe every has a good and celebratory 4th of July today.

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