Just Waking Up

Well, I got about half of what I wanted to accomplish yesterday; I got the car and the groceries taken care of but not the swimming–my youngest wound up going with her grandmother for a while that afternoon.  And I wound up going to sleep.

I really hate this.  I was just so out of it and I’m not sure why  except maybe my meds acting on me a little strongly.  I got up at three and got a bit done but I just so desperately want to be done with bipolar disorder. But I can’t be. I just need to make the best life possible out of what I’ve got.  At least that was the first  time in a while I’ve done that.  So I just need to make sure it doesn’t happen again soon.

Chatted with Dr. Elliott at Belhaven yesterday.  I explained what all I could do and what all I would like to do, and he asked me to send my CV over to him.  SO maybe something will come out of that.  I just need pray for God’s will to be done.



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