Senator’s Office

So I did call my senator’s local office yesterday and got my request in with them that they do what they can to expedite my claim for my kids’ benefits.  I had to fill out a release form giving them permission to get information about my case, so that was fun.  I got the release, filled it out, and had Bob fax it back, then they couldn’t read all of my writing.  So they called me to check on all the numbers.  So we got that straightened out.  Hopefully they will be able to move this along a little faster than it would have taken otherwise.

The  reason I’m so committed to this  process is that God can take this situation and use it to bless the older two financially at a critical time in their lives–when they’re just starting out.  Having it through all the years would have let us save it up at interest but this will be better than nothing.

I ate with my friend KT yesterday at a really good Chinese place.  SHe and I were both wearing yellow so that was funny.  Things are going well for her–her daughter has an internship with UMC coming up and will be at home then going off to graduate school somewhere (she hasn’t decided).  But we had a good visit during her lunch hour.

I was talking to my buddy Mike in Wisconsin and sent him my poem I wrote about the ballplayer traded for catfish, and he told me that ever since I had shown him a poem I had done for class back when we were both at State twenty years ago, he had thought I was a great poet first and then a very good everything-else.  He said he loved all my writing, but that my poetry was especially good.  I’ve never thought that way.  Maybe I should take poetry again and see how I do.  I’ll have to think about that.



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