Early Day

My little one called last night saying she had a bad earache; my parents gave her Tylenol to dull it so she could go to sleep. So I went and got her this morning–met my daddy halfway and got her home.  SO now we have an appointment for 10:30 a. m. and  will see what is wrong.  SO that made for a stressful night and morning.  But she is home now and we will get things taken care of.

I am so sleepy.  I got up with Bob and I haven’t; really done that in a long time–even during the school year I’m usually not up when he is.  But I staggered through and am pretty awake this morning.  Not that much is happening to keep my busy.  ALl I have to do today housewise is laundry.  So we will see how that goes.

My oldest has one full week left on her internship then she will be home until it’s time to move back to school.  THe middle one have something going the time between summer and fall classes so no telling when she will be home next.   But we will go to New Orleans not this weekend but next for our last trip of the summer.

Hopefully I will hear back soon from the college and get that going.  It’s been ten days since I got the receipt that my transcripts were being sent so I hope to hear something soon.  CLasses don’t start until the 24th so I think there is plenty of time for me to get scheduled.

We will see. Hope everyone is having a good week.


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