Out of Sorts

So the little one turns out to have an ear infection probably from getting water in her ears all from last week at camp.  So she is home and resting and we are trying to keep her ear comfortable.   She’s going to have a good week regardless of plans getting messed up.

I had those weird dreams of displacement again this morning.  I seemed to be in places that I did not recognize and not feeling like I was asleep, more like I was awake.  But I finally woke up and snapped out of it.  I hate those dreams because they always feel so real.

And my reflux acted up again last night.  Probably because we ate Sonic chicken last night  I took another dose of medicine and ate some leftover ice cream to take the acid out.  It worked but took forever for me to go to sleep.

So I just generally don’t feel well this morning.  I’m going ot take the little one out for lunch but not sure where yet.  Bob has his rush time at the office today so may not even be home for lunch  We will figure something out and then we will go to the grocery store to get some lunch stuff.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  We will try to here as well.


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