Took a little hiatus to go on vacation to New Orleans.   We ate some good food and had fun going to the various family attractions–the Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Zoo, mainly. We got a personal tour of the Bible Museum that my father-in-law had built in the seminary down there and it was very nice.  So that was a new experience.

This week the youngest starts school. tomorrow actually. She seems to be looking forward to it so that is good.  WE go to open house today and meet the teachers so that will be interesting.  That’s really all I’m looking at that I have to do today. WEll, my oldest and I will likely go grocery shopping at some point since we’ve been gone with only a little food in the house.

I really made it through the trip okay.  I went to bed early, but that’s pretty par for the course for me on vacation.  My mood held even when things went a little south with the weather and we got caught in the downpours. WE barely got out of town before the pumps failed and serious flooding began. So it was a lot of rain.





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