Doctor Visit

SO I went to see Dr. Bishop this morning, and he was so pleased with my progress and getting a job and still going to school. SO that made me feel good.  I talked a bit about my concerns with my youngest child, and he said he would make a three-month appointment and see how that was doing.

I forgot to take any of my college stuff for my job so I didn’t do anything with that today.  I see Katrina tomorrow and will go either before or after that.  Get my ID made and my parking stickers.  I am still wrestling with the testing issue so I need to settle that out soon.

It’s always interesting to fill out the BASIC-32 whenever I go to the doctor  and see how my numbers have changed. I used to put down a lot of 2’s & 3’s ( moderate difficulty) then a lot of 1’s & 2’s (some  moderate difficulty).  Now it’s all 0’s and 1″s (minimal to no difficulty.).  It makes me proud every time I do it.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  I know I will.


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