Turns out I assigned too little of Beowulf–we did finish it in one class period and so I had to make up a homework assignment on the spur of the moment and have them pick out their favorite passages and tell why they liked them, and we will read them out loud in class.  SO that should take care of Friday.  Then we have Labor Day, another reading, then the test.  I hope my plan for the test works well.

Feels like a long day already.  I have some people who are connecting with the reading and with me but others are just there.  Maybe once we get out of the complex stuff we will get more response. I had four people add since Monday and only two of them showed up.  I guess I need to email out the homework assignment and make sure everyone knows about it since it’s not on the syllabus,.

I go see Tillie today and see if we can’t head off whatever thus is at the pass.  I still feel much better but still have some existential lethargy going on.  I need to get into my laundry and sort it out for fall– see what I can wear and what I can’t. I get the feeling I will need black pants for my birthday.



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