Hurricane Leftovers

So we are experiencing what’s left of Hurricane Harvey in terms of heavy rain and the possibility of spinoff tornados.  We already had a batch of those in south Mississippi yesterday so that has been sad. It has been one wet and rainy August, really a wet and rainy summer, the whole time.

It’s sent my mood very much south–I’m thinking about all I went through during Katrina.  But Bob is actually finally out of the generator business–that part of the business is being sold to two distributors in Texas and Tennessee.  So they no longer have to worry about disaster prep and aid at his office, which he is thankful for.

I have class off today and I went back and slept in some. I feel better having done it, more alert and whatnot. Still have house stuff to do but that is all.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.



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