Exam I

Gave my first test today and thought it would be very easy.  I was wrong. Only one A so far.  But we will see.  I  have them all graded except for one which is being finished as we speak.    SO we will see what comes of that.

TUrned in something that could turn out to be a good professional opportunity for me–a virtual “fellowship” at a  prestigious magazine.  I had to turn in four samples of flash fiction and answer a bunch of questions about myself,  I won’t know anything until late December so that is now just a waiting game.  I was so excited about the opportunity that I actually told Bob about it and he responded well.

Had a teleconference last night and that went well as a workshop.  I need to finish reading part of the new book for this three weeks and work on my craft essay.  I also need to finish critiques of two people whose stories I did not get complete copies of.  We will see how it goes.

I am playing as much soothing music as I can to calm my nerves over this hurricane stuff.  I don’t; want to go backwards more than I already have. And I’m praying it just goes out into the Atlantic and falls to bits. So unnerving.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Pray for the hurricane victims.


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