We’re getting the leftovers from Hurricane Irma here in central Mississippi–rain and it’s chilly from the wind,  But it’s not too bad here, just raining.

I’ve gone off of caffeine and can certainly tell it–I’m so sleepy and tired.  I’m trying to stay awake but it is incredibly hard.  I’ve worked some in the paper that’s due next week and we will see how that goes.   I feel like I’m slogging through molasses in my mind, though.  Hopefully I will get over the withdrawal stage soon and start losing a little weight; leaving off the Cokes should save me 420 calories a day.

Days like today I hate living with bipolar.  If I didn’t have to take the meds to stave off mania, I wouldn’t be so dependent on Cokes, I could just enjoy them,  If it weren’t for staving off the weight loss that often comes from depression, I maybe wouldn’t be so heavy.



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