Plowing through Chaucer

We’re in the medieval period of English Lit and that means “The Cantebury Tales”.  Read some middle English here and there and had some fun with the confused looks on their faces.  But we got through the gist of the “General Prologue” and will go to “The Wife Of Bath” next on Friday. Fun, fun.

My reading in my W class is just about as opaque.  I hope not all the novels I read this semester are as distasteful as these two have been.  Maybe I just need to broaden my horizons a bit. I’m still not enjoying this book and still don’t quite see how it got published.  But that is a mystery for another day.

I;ve been a little more awake than I was yesterday,  THe adrenaline from teaching seems to work in my favor.  I ordered tea at lunch with Bob ( he’s had the day off  and is running errands) so that was some caffeine.  But on the  whole I feel a good deal better than yesterday.

Hope everybody has a good rest of the week.



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