But not as tired as yesterday.  Bob is still home from work and trying to get better.  I am wading my way through school work.  I have one more discussion thread to comment on and I am through for the week.  We have had significantly more discussions in this class than I’m used to so that has been hard to adjust to.  I also had to turn in my craft paper  to my instructor  and my creative piece to everyone in the class so it has been a heavy week.  My creative piece gets workshopped next week in the conference.  SO we will see how it turns out.

I go see Tillie for my appointment and hopefully will feel better after that. I haven’t felt just awful but I am a little stressed about everything going on.

My blogs have gotten significantly more traffic these past couple of days so I want to welcome everyone that has been reading lately and encourage you to check out the archives for the beginning of my story as well.   Thanks for visiting!


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