Bad Night

Bob is still on his Decadron prescription and didn’t sleep worth a flip last night, so neither did I.  I am so tired this morning.  It was awful to get up with them and now I’m just dragging through the day.  But I’ve lost seven pounds since Labor Day on this non-caffeine diet, substituting water for it.  So that makes me feel good. I’m still way too heavy but having some loss while enduring this makes it more bearable.

Tomorrow’s my birthday and my mother -in-law wants to take me out to eat.  So that will be fun tomorrow. I hope this draggy spell breaks after my birthday–I usually have some depressive features around it but I’ve done pretty well this year.  I think it’s also that I’m excited about the present I’m getting from Bob so that helps :).

I give another test tomorrow.  I think I made it easier on them–at least I hope I did.  I don’t really like failing people.  But we will see.  Hope everyone has a good start to the weekend.

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