Happy Birthday to ME!

I listened in to my birthday present today–the first of a LOT of movie soundtracks of Elvis Presley.  I sang along to GI Blues on the way to work this morning, That made me very happy driving along and remembering watching the movie with Daddy.

I gave a test today and grades were somewhat better,  People did pull their grade up so that was good. The class average was still a C, which means it was a fair test.  Some gimme questions were interestingly answered–but answered correctly so that was all right.

I’m supposed to meet Janet for lunch at Half Shell Oyster House, so I am looking forward to that for lunch.  Seafood pot pie–yummy!

And my girls are coming hoem to celebrate my birthday with me Sunday where we go out to a really really good restaurant in Jackson called 1908. So I am proud to see them

And I’ve lost seven pounds since Labor Day doing nothing but cutting Cokes out of my diet and drinking lots and lots of water.  I get some exercise on campus but I’m still terribly winded with it.  I don’t know what to do about that.

SO here’s hoping everyone else is having as good a day a me today.  Have a good weekend!


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