I Got an Idea

I got an idea about how to get through this no-Cokes thing.  I’m going to go PRN on my sedative Klonopin.  I think that will help enormously.  If I start to spin out a bit, I can take it just when I need it.  So far it’s working–I’ve gotten up on time and done well without it.

I really embarrassed myself today in class.  I studied a day ahead and gave a quiz on something they had not read.   So they point this out finally after I finish it.  So I was completely unprepared for what they were supposed to have read  Good thing it was on the King James Bible which I was somewhat familiar with already :).

I’m going out to lunch with Kim today–we’re going to eat Mexican.  So we will see how that goes,  Hopefully the guys at the house will finish up today–we will see. Bob is opening the office this week while everyone else is out of town on the company trip so he’s going to be leaving early and being grumpy on short sleep.  But hopefully he  can stay well for a little while.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.

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