A Little Discouraged

I’m feeling a little bit beaten down today.  I don’t feel like I’ve done very well managing things ever since my middle one went to college.  She was a big help to me in a lot of ways and her not being around has kind of affected how I’ve managed the house, meals, laundry, etc.  I’m trying to train my youngest to help take up the slack, but she just needs a while to get as good as her sister.  So I would appreciate your prayers in managing this time better and doing what all I need to do.

I go to lunch with Marlo today and I think that’s going to be fun. We’re meeting at Brent’s in Jackson and will have burgers and whatnot.  Then I need to let go of it being my birthday and stay home for a while if I want to lose any more weight :).

We have a conference tonight so we will see what all is going on with each other in the class.   I’m looking forward to discussing everyone’s stories and going over them.  I have one up to be worked over so we will see how that goes.

Hope all of you out in readerland are doing well.  Have a good day!


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