Three Years

My mom tried mailing me a check for my birthday so I could go shop for what I wanted, and it hasn’t arrived yet via USPS.  THe local post office was rude when I called to check on it, so I reported it stolen to the postal investigation people.  So maybe if it’s just loose in the post office, maybe they can find it. We will have to see.

Had a good day in class today and a good conference last night with my class; I had a story up for review in the conference and everyone said good things about it, including the professor.  SO that was nice.  I’m waiting for my grade on the craft paper that she had us rewrite so we will see what comes of that.

SO this week marks three years since I started the blog. I hope it has been helpful to readers and that you can say that if you came here, you went away feeling encouraged or better understood. Over 11, 000 hits and 3,500 visitors, I feel pretty good that my work may have made some ripples in the world.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



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