My oldest daughter has a phone interview with the Disney Culinary Apprenticeship program on Wednesday evening!  It’s where she can go work for Disney up to six months and possibly leading up to a full time job with them once she finishes it.  We’re not sure what the next step is after this phone interview, but it sounds very promising so far.  She had to fill out an application and whatnot and she got an immediate response this morning after completing it this weekend. So she is excited and so are we.

I found out that I will be observed teaching by the head of the English Department as a new adjunct.  The date so far is October 23.  So hopefully traffic  shall cooperate and I’ll get there on time :). I have been getting there a little  early lately so it shouldn’t be a problem.  And we’ll be doing Swift’s Modest Proposal.  So I hope that will go well, and I can prepare the students well and myself well also.

The news was absolutely horrible this morning with the mass shooting in Las Vegas.  I hope and pray that everyone hurt will recover and that America can somehow get around to taking care of people in the wake of this mess.  Horrible news.

Let’s a pray for a good week in the nation and in our own lives.




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