Nothing Much

Nothing much is going on today–I have a couple of errands to run and not much else going on,  I am doing so much better since I cut my Klonopin in half, not sleeping all the time. I’ve lost eight pounds in September and hope to lose more having cut out cokes and whatnot and drinking more water.  So that is a good thing.

We’ve had lots of kerfuffles in classes at the W over papers and what not–three people have dropped out of my class because of the workload and the instructor.  I’m getting along pretty good in that class with an A so I’m sticking with it regardless since it’s the only one I have.  But some people have really gotten angry over  things and  I hope the department head doesn’t just throw his hands up in despair.  I’d hate for the program to end before I get my degree.

Hope everyone else’s week is going well.  Pray for us in America as we recover and process this latest shooting and what it means,



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