Had a visit with my mom and dad today.  They came down to see me and my youngest and we had a pretty good day.  Kind of long day but nice to see them.

Can’t believe how quickly the year is going by.  On Saturday we’ll already be halfway through October almost.  But I suppose it’s good that we’re busy and keep active with various things we do.  My youngest went to a concert with two of her friends last night and spent the night at the birthday girl’s house so I had to get her this morning before my parents got here.

Since she was gone last night, me and Bob went out to eat for dinner as a date and went to Table 100, a really fancy place on Lakeland Drive. I had shrimp and oyster risotto with asparagus and Bob had the prime rib.  So we enjoyed ourselves and had a nice quiet night at home afterwards.  Watched part of a movie but I didn’t like it much so we turned it off early and went to bed.

Finished writing down what I have so far for a short story for my W fiction class done.  I need to do a craft paper soon and have it ready to turn in in a couple of weeks.  We will see how it goes.  I hope it goes better than our last craft paper–maybe she will just grade it straight and not send it back for edits.  But it’s her class so she makes the rules.

Hope everyone gets a good start to the week.


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