I really fought with the lecture today.  It covered a lot of history and I just wasn’t feeling it.  I know it didn’t go over well with the students because they were all very very quiet.  I still have to give makeup exams Friday and Tuesday.  All of a sudden things don’t feel good anymore.  I don’t know what’s happening but  it feels very frustrating.

I need to start on my craft paper and am having trouble deciding what to do.  I want to do the book as an example of mommy-brain, but I’m not finding the articles I need on it. I also have the idea to talk about the shifts in point of view, but that seems too obvious.  I need to do more research and see what I can do on these topics.  Trouble is there’s just not a ton of research out there since the book is so new.

I’m fighting off sleepiness again and not sure why.  I just feel like things are spinning just a teensy bit out of control and I need to get ahold of them before more starts to slip.  I go see Tillie soon so that is good.  Maybe we can forestall whatever is happening.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.


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