Well. . . that was no fun.

I went in today on my off day to give a makeup exam and only one out of the three people scheduled to take it showed up.  So I am not happy.  I gave the two of them zeros in the online gradebook.  Hopefully they will see the grade and drop the class before tomorrow because I don’t think they can pull it out at this point.

Went to see Tillie afterwards and had a good talk.  Talked about how well I’ve generally been doing with most everything so that was nice to talk about.  She said I seemed to be doing really well and we set up for me to come in just before Thanksgiving.

Need to go to the grocery store to get dinner for tonight.  Not sure what I’m going to cook yet so we will see what happens.  Maybe just a veggie soup since it’s cooler today.  That sounds good.  ANd do cornbread with it.  That should suit everybody.

Long day ahead and not sure what all I’m going to do with it.  Go to the grocery store, grade the last few papers, maybe take a nap. Probably not going to get to do that last but it’s nice to think about.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week!


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