Dentist Visit

I go see the dentist today.  Yay.  I hate seeing the dentist.  THe guy I have now is fine, good, and professional, but I just hate the entire process.  I’m such a baby about it I have to have nitrous oxide just to have my  teeth cleaned.  Otherwise I get really freaked out with nerves.  So I will leave and go there in just a bit.’

Bob is doing inventory today–I probably won’t hear from him until he gets home this afternoon.  I remember how freaked out I used to get over inventory because it meant the salesman was in town.  I’m so glad that’s not happening today.

I can tell I am anxious about class. I have had anxiety dreams every night since my program director made the announcement about taking over the class.  Mostly dreams like I can’t find my classroom for teaching, or I don’t have my work done on  time for the W class.  Stuff like that.  But I haven’t had to take Xanax for any of it so I count that as a plus.

WEll, I need to go brush my teeth and get ready to go to the dentist.  Pray that they won’t find anything that needs fixing :).  Everyone have a good week.


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