So Now My Jaw Hurts

SO after my cleaning yesterday they had to drill through a crown to get some decay under it and then fitted me out with a new crown.  So it hasn’t been as bad as it could have been, but my jaw is a little sore.

Had class today and they were full of ideas for “extra credit” assignments.  I told them as long as they showed up to class every day that they would improve their homework grade and it was equal to a test grade. That seemed to make them feel better.  THe last day to drop the class was the day before this test that threw so many of them for a loop. So some of them panicked a little bit. So we will see how the rest of the semester goes.

I’ve been grocery shopping and picked up brownie mixes for the neighborhood block party tonight.  I will work on those after Bob leaves from lunch.  I need to settle down and relax just a moment.   Halloween always starts things being hectic.  So we will see what happens in the next few weeks.

Had a conference with my new professor for my class last night–the group of us.  Only four showed up out of seven so I imagine that didn’t go over so well with him.  But we will see what happens.  He’s going to add more conferences and maybe expand the final project to include an artist’s statement, which would be different than what the other professor wanted but would be in line with how this professor operates.  I hope the people that lodged complaints about the other professor are happy now.  I’m tired of the drama.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!




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