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it’s the end of November.  Started off well and ended up kind of not. I’m still discombobulated by my students and now have to make up a quiz for them on the readings.  I’m really tired today and don’t know what to do about it.

Listening to Christmas music and trying to get in a better mood.  I have laundry to work on but no real desire to try. I’m kind of disgusted with myself over some things and just want to sleep the day away.  But I can’t throw in the towel myself–too many things depend on me.  Only three more days of class then the final.  I can hold out that long.


Threw Them Out

I had to throw my class out today.  I got here on time and everything, and the discussion is not moving along–only one kid is talking.  I finally asked who read the story before class and got one hand raised. Only the kid who was doing all the talking.  I said we’re going to double up on Friday, I’m giving a quiz on both readings, and then we’re going to finish our discussion.  No one even looked apologetic.  I’ll do what I can and then I am done with these kids next Wednesday.

Anyway.  So the discouragement continues.  I am trying to be optimistic but it is so hard this week.

New Day

So yesterday never got any better.  But today is a new day and I am determined to make it better.   I got a lot of cleaning done so far and will likely do my schoolwork after lunch out by myself because I just want to go and get something good to eat.  I am going to pamper myself today  so as to get ready for everything coming up.

Tonight is the winter concert for the middle school bands so we are going to that for my youngest one to play in.  Christmas and winter songs is my understanding of the program.  So we will see how that goes.

Pretty much got full participation on the forum I set for missing class yesterday,  So that was successful.  WE will see how the rest of the week goes.

Sent in some poems to a brand-new MS-based online poetry magazine that one of the MFA people posted about.  I’d like to be in there with some of them.   We will see how it goes.

I guess I need to stop writing and try to get some things accomplished. Hope everyone has a good last week of November!


My youngest daughter’s bus didn’t pick her up until 8 this morning. I had to cancel class.  I called and let the bus office know and will call back again once I get home to let them know that this is unacceptable.  She was also late to school and that is not right for the buses to do that.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess just beg Bob to stay next time until she is picked up.  It would only be a few more days and then I am done with class.  I don’t know what to do about next semester though.  I hate the idea of quitting but if I can’t be dependable, I don’t need to sign up.

Hopefully the day will get better from here.  I don’t need anything to depress my mood.




So today is starting off slowly.  Bob is still in the bed–he so rarely gets to sleep in so I am letting him stay down today.  We plan to finish decorating today and I kind of want to shop a little if the craziness has died down. Shopping local–like at O! How Cute and Vintiques.  We shopped a little online yesterday–I ordered most all of Bob’s Christmas presents and he ordered a bunch of gift cards for out relatives that like to shop that way. Bob’s big gift isn’t available yet–it will be December 8.  SO I am waiting on ordering it and hoping I can use a coupon on it. 🙂

I am finding out how spotty my memory is. I barely remember last Christmas. I don’t remember being really down about it or anything–I think I just got overwhelmed at the end and am going to try not to do that this year.  No party this year–although I do want to clean up the house like I am having one. I will have to talk to my helpers about that.

My youngest is up and being quiet so that is nice.    She’s been with her grandparents all week so is now catching up on watching her YouTube videos. I think she had a good trip so now is ready to be home.  School starts back for us Monday but I only have about three weeks left–she has longer.  THe older girls will be back on the 8th. So that will be nice.  They can help me wrap.







Dental Problems

SO my permanent crown came off Wednesday night after every one shut down for Thanksgiving.  I waited until this morning to tell Bob about it since there wasn’t anything to be done; I just ate carefully all Thanksgiving.  Tried calling my dentist after we came home and they were closed but scheduled me an appointment on Monday 2 p.m.  I tried my old dentist to see if he would do it and he was closed too.  So I am stuck eating carefully all weekend until I can get it put back on,  I am so tired of this business I may find a new dentist after this.

Went to try to order Bob’s Christmas present online and they are only taking preorders for it–it won’t be out until December 8.  SO I will just wait for it to hopefully show up by Christmas once I get it then.

THe baseball magazine I did a poem for has come out online so I am excited about it.  I didn’t win the top prize or get a finalist nod, but at least I am in the magazine  and will be in the compliation they do later so that is nice.

My nerves held up really well considering everything. We’re getting ready to put up Christmas trees and will see what we can accomplish to that end this weekend.  I’m looking forward to that.

WEll, hope everyone survives Black Friday today and have a successful shopping. We’re just going to stay home out of the madness.  Everybody have a good weekend.



I plan to start my holiday baking as soon as I finish typing.  Two cobblers and some chocolate chip cookies.  I got up early this morning to work on them so I will be done once Bob gets home and we plan to leave.  Need to finish packing as well–so I’ll be a busy, busy bear today.

I think I am trying to get a cold.  I’m hoping I’m wrong in that.  I just have a little scratchiness in my throat and a sniffle.

I am so sleepy.  It’s taking me forever to type this because I keep yawning and stretching.  I didn’t sleep good last night so am sleepy this morning. Bob must feel really bad because he wanted to go to bed at 8:30 last night.

Need to run to the grocery store really quick to get some ice cream for our trip and Nyquil for Bob to take at night so he won’t be so sick.  I’m also praying to see who I can bless today with groceries.  I usually do that at Thanksgiving and hadn’t found the right time/way to do it this year.  So hopefully I can today.

I’ll be not posting tomorrow but may resume Friday depending on how our trip goes.  HOpe everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving.