As is the custom in Mississippi, today started the November rains. It was beautiful alst night for trick or treating, then it turned nasty this morning for the commute in to work.   ANd about half my students showed up for class–hope it is not the beginning of a trend.  We’re just now getting to the interesting parts of English Lit to me so I’d hate to see them miss out on it by not showing up.

WE really did have fun with trick or treaters.  We had a girl show up in the best mummy costume I have ever seen; it looked handmade out of really delicate material and totally covered her body except for her face.  Had a bunch of kids with homemade costumes too; those are always interesting to see.  Saw an Ole Miss fan kid and a few football players, saw a lot of cartoon characters.  Two of the cutest tiny ones were dressed up like an old lady and her husband; I think they were twins because they were together and the same size.

We really need to get on our Christmas shopping soon; we have hardly anything bought for the kids except for the youngest one.  This Christmas will likely be the last one with everybody at home so we want to make it special and memorable.

I’m holding up fairly well this morning even with the bad weather.  I woke up  a lot last night and don’t know why–but I’m not as sleepy this morning as I could be.  Hopefully I am over that kind of sluggishness for good. that would be so nice.  Now if only I had the energy to do everything that needs doing around the house.



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