Too Much

I bit off more than I could chew in lecturing today.  I read through the material I had assigned and realized there was no way I could cover it all.  So I had them choose from two writing assignments and when they finished writing, they got into groups to discuss what they had written.  It worked really well but I feel ashamed that I copped out like that.  I think next semester I won’t emphasize the history so much and devote more time to authors, just make them responsible for reading the history and giving them pop quizzes on it and testing them on it.  So I will have more time on the syllabus to get  more done.

We had a good weekend–I got the house to myself Sunday while Bob and the youngest one went to a dance clinic.  My oldest one came to visit and stayed through Saturday.  We went to see Thor: Ragnorok and it was a really cool movie  You saw Thor get really, really angry and just shoot lighting from his fingertips while he was in berserker mode.  It was a great special effects movie that also had a good storyline and characters.  I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would and might would even watch it again.

Long day ahead.  I have the papers to grade so will be able to spend my office time usefully.  But hopefully I will do better in the future and not cop out like I did today.  Not that what I did wasn’t pedagogically sound, but it felt like cheating.  ANd I don’t want to do that again.


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