Good Day So Far

I’m getting all warmed up with a hot chocolate and getting ready for office hours.  It’s chilly today although it’s supposed to get back into the 70’s this weekend.  I am surprised by how well I am holding up so far with the holidays barreling down on us.  WE have our shopping day set up on December 8 and should take care of what all we have left to do.  We are behind in our shopping to where we usually are but we will manage between now and Christmas to get it all done.

Found out that another one of my MFA friends has read my other blog, 46ReasonsWhyNot, and was impressed.  She withdrew from the program because of the chaos that went on earlier in the year, even though my program director took it in hand and got the problems straightened out.  But we still talk over Facebook so that was another little ego boost for me that people are reading and getting something out of the stuff I’m putting out there.

I told one friend of mine that I knew I was improving as a writer because I’m no longer writing out of a mood state–I’m writing out of my talent for it.  I’m more in control of what I write–it’s not coming from somewhere I don’t understand any more.  So that I count as a good thing.  Even though what I wrote this last time turned a little dark, no one died in the making of it so that is a huge improvement from where I was before.  🙂

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.






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