Good Day

SO I did see Dr. Bishop yesterday and the visit went well.  He agreed that if I was doing well cutting back on my Klonopin that that was fine. I will have to start taking drug tests next time I come because the legislature passed some new rules about opiates and benzopadines–it seems they’re being taken together causing opioid deaths. SO I have to take drug tests to show I’m not taking opiates as well.  So that is a downer but you do what you have to do.

I spent yesterday afternoon trimming down my flash short stories into less than 1000 words each for a chapbook competition by Rose Metal Press. I sent in 26 pages of six stories and tilted it “Slience” since so many of them have to do with keeping secrets and silencing in other ways.  So we will see how it fares in the competition.  It was HARD trimming them down.  I like my words to stay the way they are, particularly my more voice-driven stories.  Cutting out words makes them all sound the same.

Have to catch up on laundry today.  Get my youngest one’s done and sort through mine.  Then tomorrow I do Bob’s.  I’ll have time off while my youngest is gone next weekend and Thanksgiving week that maybe I can get caught up on everything that I am behind on.  We will see.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!  Thanksgiving is coming up and I will take about a two day hiatus so be warned of that.  Thanks for reading!




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