So Sad

Just made a very sad discovery about someone I know who needs prayers desperately. It hit me really hard to see her email about it this morning.  I do not know what to do for her except to  pray for her healing.

I had a good session with Tillie this morning, telling her about how well everything seems to be going.  I’m holding up well under what used to be a very difficult time of year.  But we will see how everything goes after this.

Bob is not doing well–he is badly congested and needs to be able to recover and he certainly won’t be able to do that at deer camp for Thanksgiving. But we plan to leave Friday and come home so maybe it won’t do so much damage to his system.

I;m trying to get laundry done and all before we leave.  I’ve done my classwork for the week and hopefully will be able to spend tomorrow baking for the trip. I want to do a peach cobbler, a blueberry cobbler, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  SO we will see how all  of that goes tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a very good THanksgiving week and remembers to do what we can for the less fortunate among us.


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