I plan to start my holiday baking as soon as I finish typing.  Two cobblers and some chocolate chip cookies.  I got up early this morning to work on them so I will be done once Bob gets home and we plan to leave.  Need to finish packing as well–so I’ll be a busy, busy bear today.

I think I am trying to get a cold.  I’m hoping I’m wrong in that.  I just have a little scratchiness in my throat and a sniffle.

I am so sleepy.  It’s taking me forever to type this because I keep yawning and stretching.  I didn’t sleep good last night so am sleepy this morning. Bob must feel really bad because he wanted to go to bed at 8:30 last night.

Need to run to the grocery store really quick to get some ice cream for our trip and Nyquil for Bob to take at night so he won’t be so sick.  I’m also praying to see who I can bless today with groceries.  I usually do that at Thanksgiving and hadn’t found the right time/way to do it this year.  So hopefully I can today.

I’ll be not posting tomorrow but may resume Friday depending on how our trip goes.  HOpe everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving.



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