So today is starting off slowly.  Bob is still in the bed–he so rarely gets to sleep in so I am letting him stay down today.  We plan to finish decorating today and I kind of want to shop a little if the craziness has died down. Shopping local–like at O! How Cute and Vintiques.  We shopped a little online yesterday–I ordered most all of Bob’s Christmas presents and he ordered a bunch of gift cards for out relatives that like to shop that way. Bob’s big gift isn’t available yet–it will be December 8.  SO I am waiting on ordering it and hoping I can use a coupon on it. 🙂

I am finding out how spotty my memory is. I barely remember last Christmas. I don’t remember being really down about it or anything–I think I just got overwhelmed at the end and am going to try not to do that this year.  No party this year–although I do want to clean up the house like I am having one. I will have to talk to my helpers about that.

My youngest is up and being quiet so that is nice.    She’s been with her grandparents all week so is now catching up on watching her YouTube videos. I think she had a good trip so now is ready to be home.  School starts back for us Monday but I only have about three weeks left–she has longer.  THe older girls will be back on the 8th. So that will be nice.  They can help me wrap.







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