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Still Down

with a sinus infection.  We are slowly making progress on cleaning up the decorations for Christmas and packing away stuff for the two oldest to move away.  I wish I could be more help but I can’t the way I feel.  I so wanted to enjoy them being home right now.  But I feel so yucky I am spending most of my time in the bed.


Working It Out

So I have an upper respiratory infection that is knocking me for a loop. The big girls have been a big help in draining the washing machine and the freezer and they plan to start undecorating the trees this afternoon.  WE will see how that goes.

WEnt and bought a new washing machine last night with Bob and it wont be delivered until tomorrow.  So that is the way that has to be.

i am going ot go lie back down until lunchtime and my next dose of antibiotics. Hope everyone has a good day.


Sick and/or Broken

The washing machine gave out last night.  And I can’t find anyone open to fix it. And i am on the verge of giving out myself with some kind of crud.  I am going to the doctor in about thirty minutes and we will see what I’ve got.  Hope everyone has a happy new year.



Shopping II

So we did our usual shopping run to Hallmark to buy the ornament collection for this year.  I went to spend my Barnes and Noble card for a Christmas CD I had wanted, then we came home, ate lunch, and went to WalMart to buy things that my middle one needs to set up shop in her apartment for her co-op job.  So we have had a good day.

I’m trying to come down with a cold, I think.  My throat is raw and I’m coughing a little;  hopefully it will blow over without being really bad.  I am drinking water trying to ease down the soreness in my throat.  I may break down and get hot chocolate later on.

i do wish I could lay down and take a nap.  I think I will just try to go to bed earlier. Bob finally got in to the doctor and is taking meds for a sinus infection.  Hopefully he will get to feeling better.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and plans on a happy New Year!

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!  My family is warm, safe, and happy together so that is all I can ask for today as we close out he holiday season.  Everyone got what they wanted for Chirstmas this year so they are happy with the haul thus far.

I am in a stable mood state, which is more than I’ ve been able to say about past Christmases.  I have had reminders throughout that this kind of Christmas may not be in the offing again so I have tried to savor every moment.

Hope everyone reading has had a merry Christmas and has a happy New Year!


SO Nice!

I just had a nice experience.  i got a rejection notice that said my story wasn’t going to be published in a journal, but that they had enjoyed reading it and invited me to submit again.

This group charges a comparatively high reader fee for their emerging writers contest, which is what I had sent to.  It’s the third time they’ve turned me down. So I wrote back and said that the reading fee vs. my chances of actually making it into the journal seemed to be getting prohibitive. So I thanked them for their consideration but said that.

They sent a personal note back that they didn’t want anyone to go without sending a story in because of their fee and offered me a free submission.  So I sent them my most recent story and am hoping for the best!  It really was nice of them to do that and to give me another chance with them.  We will see what comes o it.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



More Christmas Prep

I’m sitting here listening to Christmas music in one ear and the washing machine in the other.  Working and playing.  We’ll probably make sausage balls this afternoon after we pick up from he grocery store.   Our traditional Chirstmas breakfast is sausage balls and apple cobbler.  WE know it’s weird, but it works for us.  We snack on the sausage balls while the cobbler cooks on Christmas morning.

Waiting on the youngest to get home from school or the last day of school so that is a countdown.  If she gets home in time we’re going to lunch with Bob; if not, we’ll just eat here.

So sleepy this morning.  But I have stopped the Cokes again and started with water all day long.  I haven’t lost any weight since THanksgiving because I was so caught up in doing stuff I didn’t take care of myself.   I think I’m going to give up sweet tea for the new year.  I think I’ve plateaued with what I’ve been doing so I need to cut back even more to start losing again.

My mood is holding pretty well so far–I just can’t seem to get full when I eat.  That’s probably anther reason I”m not losing.  i’m not sure if i’s emotional eating or what.  We will see.