Last Class Day

So today was the last day of class for the course I’m teaching and I plan to turn in my final project for the class I’m taking as well.  Then all I have to do is give the final on next Wednesday.  (I keep typing it so I won’t forget about it!)

Everyone showed up for class today which was nice,  Had a little more discussion than usual on T S Eliot.  SO that was good as well.  But I am kind of glad to be done with this class–they weren’t a very participatory bunch.  Hopefully I get a new crop next year that does better.  It will be nice to have a bit of a break and rest up for the next semester.

Wrapped presents yesterday and have almost all the family ones wrapped.   We go shopping next week (me and Bob) to finish up. I feel a lot better having done more and will hopefully have my house totally cleaned up Friday before my middle one and my oldest come home with all their stuff.

Go to eat lunch with Mary Jane today and I plan to get her a Christmas present.  So we will enjoy that.


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