Eye Doctor

Saw my eye doctor this morning–he said everything looked fine with my eyes so that was uneventful.  Got my prescription renewed for my contacts and need to take that to the pharmacy soon to get new lenses.  But all in all an uneventful. day so far.

Everyone is finally feeling better in this house so hopefully Christmas will go off without a hitch.  My middle one woke up so much happier and feeling better than she has been, and the oldest is about back to normal.  So that is very good news for everybody.

Mode cookies and handed them out Sunday to our neighbors.  I haven’t done it in several years because I didnt’ feel like it.  But this year Bob seemed o want me to do it so I did.  It was nice to see everybody.

Tomorrow is my busy day.  I see Holly, TiIlie, and an old high school friend I haven’t really spoken to in a long time.  We got back together on Facebook and she suggested lunch sometime while she was off work for Christmas, so I said sure.  We will meet up after I see Tillie. Hopefully it will go well.

But after that day I get to relax and not push quite so hard all through Christmas. That will be nice.  I’m looking forward to it.

Hope everyone has a great start to the first of the week.



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