SO Nice!

I just had a nice experience.  i got a rejection notice that said my story wasn’t going to be published in a journal, but that they had enjoyed reading it and invited me to submit again.

This group charges a comparatively high reader fee for their emerging writers contest, which is what I had sent to.  It’s the third time they’ve turned me down. So I wrote back and said that the reading fee vs. my chances of actually making it into the journal seemed to be getting prohibitive. So I thanked them for their consideration but said that.

They sent a personal note back that they didn’t want anyone to go without sending a story in because of their fee and offered me a free submission.  So I sent them my most recent story and am hoping for the best!  It really was nice of them to do that and to give me another chance with them.  We will see what comes o it.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!




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