So Now We Wait

My oldest had her interview yesterday with Disney World and then got a follow-up email saying she would know their decision by Friday.  So she has the rest of the week to pray and hope.  She said she felt the interview could have gone better, but she was satisfied that she had done the best she could.

I am meeting my friend Katrina for lunch today.  Hopefully it won’t rain on us.  We’re meeting at Rooster’s and I’m likely to have a hamburger with a jalapeno and cheese bun.  I love those.

I am almost over my sinus infection except for excessive snoring due to what little congestion I have left.    Bob said I sounded pretty bad last night.  But I feel fine so don’t think going back to the doctor will help.  I’ll just try a nose strip and see if that helps.

I see Tillie two weeks from today so that will go well I think.  I don’t see anything really on the horizon that should knock me for a loop anytime soon.  There’s always my father-in-law’s health, but he seems to be in a stable place right now.  I’ve got a little while before we hit my danger zone time so I am hoping that nothing will come of that this year.




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